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Mikas Emil
Mikas Emil blends traditional drawing with new modern technology, mixing between the 2 dimensional and the 3 dimensional by exploring the use of industrial machines and 3d software programs. 
Mikas Emil received his Masters from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Architecture. 
He currently lives in Copenhagen where he work with industrial machines and 3d software programs as a tool to “achieve a new and different motif, leaving the drawings in the hands of the machines and software, which immediately creates a new set of rules and guidelines.”
Using Web Augmented Reality Mikas Emil is showing how the digital era is changing our perceptions. Through the technology he presents and shares his creations with the audience with the use of there phone.
We swipe, troll, match, snap, and form tribes using our phone as the primary lens to experience and shape the world within and around us. The mixed media pieces is showing a new way to show art.